Le Clapotis… the youngest member of the SOCNAT family


The origins of SOCNAT

Rome wasn’t built in a day… and nor was SOCNAT. As the most recent addition to our family, the campsite at Le Clapotis owes its existence to the ambition and vision of a passionate naturist: Albert Lecocq. After years spent living as much of his life as possible without clothes, feeling the sun on his skin and basking in nature’s glory without unnecessary textile encumbrances, in 1950 this naturist pioneer began weighing up the possibilities available for expanding the naturist way of life in a society which was still broadly conservative.

Firmly convinced that his project would be a success, in 1950 Albert Lecocq formed an association with a small group of like-minded friends who were equally convinced of the benefits to mind and body that come from shedding our clothing. In July of that year they founded a new village that would become the standard-bearer for all naturist holiday resorts in Europe: CHM Montalivet, 23 hectares of natural beauty by the ocean where naturists could holiday together in harmony and without clothes.

This visionary gamble soon began to yield very concrete results, and in 1954 Lecocq decided to restructure the amateur association to create a new organisation entirely dedicated to running and developing naturist holiday villages: SOCNAT was born!

3 resorts dedicated to natural well-being

Building on the success of its first 2 sites:

-          CHM de Montalivet in Gironde

-          Naturist campsite Le Domaine de La Genèse at Méjannes-le-Clap, in the Gard département


Socnat took on the ambitious challenge of creating a broader network of naturist villages by acquiring Le Clapotis, a site located near La Palme in the Aude département. Three beautiful sites, each with its own unique atmosphere, activities and natural setting… but all united by the same principles, the same ambition to share and spread the naturist philosophy and its fundamental values: acceptance of oneself and of others, synergy with nature, respect for the environment and respect for difference and diversity.

The fundamental pillars on which our vision of collective naturism is built, allowing all comers to live, share and enjoy their holidays on the endless sandy beaches of the Atlantic coast, in the cool waters of the river… or even on a windsurfing outing.

Comfortable accommodation conforming to high environmental standards, solar panels to heat the water and of course a constant focus on preserving the natural surroundings: SOCNAT’s naturist campsites offer the promise of authenticity, whatever your age, family situation or relationship to naturism.

Choose SOCNAT, choose to be happy… in utter simplicity!