Le Clapotis and the FFN


The FFN, or French Naturism Federation, was founded in 1950 by one of the movement’s pioneers, Albert Lecoq, and some of his friends. Its aim is to organise, defend and promote the values of this lifestyle which is so often criticised.

The federation has:

•  160 active members (associations and registered naturist organisations), a management board, a federal office and specialised
    committees. An association under the 1901 law, the FFN is an organised and structured movement.
•  360 naturist sites (campsites, gîtes and guest houses) and 50 official naturist beaches.
More information about what it does can be found on this website:

A leading role

•  Communicating effectively to change preconceptions and to promote living naked.
•  A leading role in advocating this way of life and defending it in front of local authorities, making sure that the law does not infringe on
   naturist individual freedom.
•  Supporting all naturist associations (with material, administrative and financial aid).

Naturist clubs

Naturism is a way of life with more and more followers. Above all it is a way of thinking and seeing the world and relations with others differently. By campaigning and raising awareness of this movement and by focusing on the beneficial aspects, the Federation aims to encourage understanding of naturist values, such as the protection of and respect for the environment or tolerance. Sharing these issues with other naturists comforts lovers of this liberating practice in their choices and allows them to interact with their peers. By joining one of the associations near you (see, you can actively contribute to the movement and help ensure it has a good reputation.

Why is a licence necessary?

•  To show that you are part of the great naturist family.
•  To support a practice of healthy naturism in line with the principles defined by the International Naturist Federation.
•  To provide financial support for the French Naturism Federation in its mission to promote naturist values.

Our undertaking

By paying contributions and supporting the FFN's communications, our site, Le Clapotis, is actively and financially supporting the FFN in order to strengthen and encourage it in its difficult mission of converting negative thinking into our way of transforming lives.

Our large family needs you in order to move forward… prove your commitment by joining us!