Naturism, a philosophy of life...


Feeling good in your skin

Naturism represents a real life alternative consisting of living naked in a community, within a dedicated area. Naturism aims at the well-being of the naked body in contact with the natural elements that surround us, like air, sun, light and water. Ignoring any erotic connotation, naturism helps restore the body's proper place. Naturist nudity should be seen as the original state in which each of us were born. It is natural and healthy.
In search of authenticity, naturism allows you to free your mind from the restraints imposed by the weight of years of education and social rules and thus to discover your true personality.

A natural anti-stress therapy

A true natural anti-stress therapy, naturism provides a real feeling of well-being allowing you to feel and experience forgotten sensations. Naturally naked, a body which is free breathes, bringing euphoric beneficial effects for our physical and mental equilibrium. Naturism is a source of health.

Egalitarian human values

Naturist values promote tolerance, respect for oneself and others. Hence for example, people with disabilities find in naturism a way of being much more easily accepted. Meeting these people invites others to have a proper look at themselves and others by a mirror effect. The gaze of others is without curiosity or embarrassment.
Practising communal nudity erases social barriers, thus facilitating egalitarian exchanges. There is no place for appearances, everyone is acknowledged for being who they are.

Naturism as a vector for development

The naturist movement is composed mainly of families with children. In some holiday villages, it is not uncommon to find three, even four generations of naturists. Such an environment allows children to be totally fulfilled and to live in perfect harmony with their bodies once they reach adulthood.