Naturism Clapotis

Naturism : the first time


Naturism can be discovered at any age. While some people from naturist families experience it from a young age, others will discover it later as part of a genuine desire to live differently.

The pleasure of living naked

Who hasn’t felt the pleasure of staying naked after taking a shower, swimming in the river, the sea or around the swimming pool? Who has never experienced the pleasure of having a naked and free body which develops without constraints? If you like this pleasant feeling, why not share it on a naturist campsite with others seeking the same feeling?

The first steps...

Taking your clothes off in front of other people is not always very easy. Fears and educational principles that we received throughout childhood must first be overcome. Questions you ask will be:
          - What will be the reaction of others when they see me?
          - What will my own reaction be when I see all these naked bodies?
          - Do you have to be naked all the time? In the shops? During organised entertainment?
Do not worry because very soon you will feel fine. Your body will take over from your mind and you will discover that a naturist’s look is a kindly look - physical appearance has no importance. You will leave a body in a world where "image" is important, to discover a body valuing “emotion and feeling”.

Let us guide you

Do not hesitate to indicate upon arrival that you have never stayed in a naturist campsite and that you would like us to assist you in the discovery of naturism. Our naturist hosting clubs will be delighted to welcome and guide you.

Each to their own form of naturism

You will notice that each person engages in naturism in their own way. The body becomes accustomed to withstanding lower temperatures and some naturists are naked in almost all weathers and places. Others who feel more embarrassed to be naked when in the community and shops wear a sarong. The same applies to certain contact sports where nudity could be embarrassing.
But in all cases, you will be surprised how fast any embarrassment will disappear.

Figures that speak for themselves

Figures for the naturism market testify to the enthusiasm for this way of life.
           Every year 500,000 people engage in naturism in France.
           A total of 1.5 million tourists engage in naturism every year in France.
          •  16% of French people would be ready to try naturism.
          •  56% of French people are convinced that naturism encourages respect.
          •  71% of French people are not offended by the practice of naturism.

You are now perhaps feeling reassured, if so hesitate no longer, come and try an unforgettable experience.